Our Saffron Testing

The Mataji Traders pick up a special selection of saffron every new crop, analysing all and each one of the different batches, either in their own laboratory or by external approved companies, in order to keep the food safety as the strongest and first requisite.

The expert individuals in the lab who are approved by standard institute and food and drug administration get trained periodically by updating the newest methods of saffron test and saffron related information. Quality control department has an important responsibility in production and export of saffron since the saffron arrives to company and with specific sensitivity and accuracy and step by step controls on delivering process. Esfedan saffron lab has two different chemical and microbial parts and in each part, the related tests are done

Fragrance and color are readily assessed by our senses of smell and sight but there is an internationally accepted standard of the overall quality of saffron. The International Standards Organization (http://www.iso.org/iso/home.html, Geneva) has set out the testing of saffron quality in two detailed documents (ISO 3632-1 and -2). These set out a test for the content of three biologically active molecules in saffron – picrocrocin, safranal and Cronin. Using UV spectrometer, the test measures the concentrations of these three molecules in a standard aqueous extraction.

The highest quality saffron is Category 1 by the ISO.Category 2 is still good quality, but Category 1 is the highest quality. MATAJI IMPEX Kesarwala Private Limited uses Category 1 saffron exclusively. Further, we maintain the saffron in steady, cool (8-10°C) conditions, so that quality is maintained.Overall, saffron is robust in quality.

Quality tests is divided to three sections

  • Microbial tests
  • Chemical tests
  • Physical tests

Saffron is kept in store quarantine before final purchase. The person who is responsible for quality control samples out them randomly and tests them in lab. The  saffron will be approved if it passes all the requirements and will be transported to sorting unit in order to have carefully been examined by sorting unit operators. Foreign and additional materials are removed and again sampling is done by quality control unit after sorting and clearing and then saffron is graded based on the test results.

Now, saffron is ready to been packed and labelled. Properties of saffron are cited on the packages based on the saffron type and grade. The packaged products are transported in a specific stores. It is noteworthy that all personnel of production unit have passed required training for sorting and packaging and they have a health and hygiene certificate. Personal and professional hygiene training is given for familiarity with saffron sorting, packaging and weighing and also with company’s goals and policies

Personnel are required to use clean cloth and hygienic shoes for workshop. Before the job is started, personnel must wash their hands carefully and all these points are under control of quality control unit. Desks and tools for weighing and packaging have been cleaned and disinfected regularly in order to prevent secondary pollution to packaged product.